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Zack Leslie was born and raised on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and has been drawing cartoons since he could hold a pencil. Shortly after graduating from high school, Zack moved to Idaho to attend Boise State University, where he received formal training in illustration. During his time at BSU, he also studied creative writing, graphic design, marketing, and web design. In late 2014, he finished his education and earned his Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts.

Zack draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources in his art. These include golden-age era animation and comics, retro video games, and classic rock music. His wry sense of humor is incorporated into his illustrations, resulting in a surreal twist on pop-culture icons.

Zack currently works as a freelance artist around South-Central Alaska and enjoys expanding his portfolio by hosting tables and events at local comic conventions. He can also be frequently seen hosting first friday galleries at local breweries, dispensaries, coffee shops, and more. He also continues to involve himself in visual marketing with brands, thus benefiting local businesses, as well as other artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs locally and around the Pacific Northwest. 

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